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Happy December

I’m happy to see everyone’s smiling faces after an awesome snow day yesterday. As you probably guessed, we’re inside for recess today and will likely be as well for Friday and Monday. The temperatures aren’t warm enough for us to have all children out… but I’m searching for ways to give our class an active outlet. We need to move!


With winter break a few weeks away, I’ll continue to be in touch about special events. Here are a few for now.


Presidential Challenge: all students are now in process of memorizing the 1st ten US Presidents in order. We’re working on it a bit in class and I expect them to practice @ home as well. They will be tested on these 1st 10 Presidents next Tuesday, 12 – 10. Beyond that, the challenge becomes optional and I will systematically quiz them each week on 5 more. For example, those that take the challenge will be quizzed on #1 - #15 on 12 – 17 and so on and so forth. I’ll encourage them along the way with prizes and reward those that fully succeed with #1 – 44 (in early Feb) with a celebration of their efforts. The purpose of this challenge is two-fold. I love for students to acquire this knowledge of country, but I also enjoy having students work hard towards meeting a goal. I am prepared to support the students in the pursuit of this knowledge and hope that it will pique their curiosity pertaining to the office of the POTUS, both past and present.  


Please let me know if you have any questions about the Presidential Challenge.


Also, as we approach winter break and celebrate the season, we’ve been invited to decorate gingerbread houses with our Kindergarten buddies. I would LOVE it if a few parents/families would be interested in creating/building the gingerbread houses for our students so that they’re ready to decorate on 12.18 in the morning. I realize that this is a lot to ask at such a busy time of year, but if any of you are willing, please let me know. I have directions/recipes to share and we can definitely divide up the task to make it more manageable. I’d also like to ask that every student bring in a bag of candy appropriate for decorating gingerbread houses. M & M’s, Twizzlers, candy canes, and chocolate chips all work well. The candy will be pooled and shared equally during decorating.


Lastly, now that we’re seemingly in the throes of winter, please make sure your child is prepared for the outdoors. Snow pants and winter boots are mandatory equipment for keeping students happy and dry. Thank you for your support!


If you have any questions or concerns about any of these items – or anything else – don’t hesitate to be in touch.





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